Saturday, 18 July 2009

Delta 13 weeks

Well our newest girl Delta is 13 weeks of age now! It will be another 7 long months before we finally get to bring our gorgeous girl home though as she is waiting for her PETS passport with her breeder Izabela Jarosz in Poland. Delta is a gorgous golden classic Siberian, she has beautiful green eyes and is a confident and outgoing girl. Thank you Izabela for allowing us to adopt Delta and for sending us such beautiful photos of our gorgeous girl :-)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Indiana- look how she's grown!

We have just received some new photos of our gorgeous new girl Laguna Syberiana Indiana from her lovely breeder Melissa of Laguna Syberiana. Indy was born in Italy in January and is currently doing the long wait to get her PETS passport to come and join us in the UK. I have so many lovely photos of Indy, right from when she was 1 week old, so I thought I'd post them so that you can see how she has grown! Thank you Melissa for sending us so many photos of our gorgeous girl :-)

Indy 6 months:
6 months:
6 months:
18 weeks:
16 weeks:
12 weeks:
10 weeks:
9 weeks:
8 weeks:
6 weeks:
5 weeks:
4 weeks:
2 weeks:

1 week:

Indy's fabulous dad Gr.Int.Ch. Laguna Syberiana Babylas
Indy's beautiful mum Darcy Silva Line *RU

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Regional Winner!!!!

We have had some more great news! Our boy Snowgum Titan has become a TICA Regional Winner!

Titan has been awarded TWENTIETH BEST KITTEN OF THE YEAR in Northern Europe during the 2008/2009 show year!

Titan won this prestigious award despite attending only 6 days of shows as a kitten. He won 10 Best Kitten awards along with being placed in about 17 other finals. Well done Mr T! You are a star and we are very proud of our baby boy!

Here is a pic are a few pics of our handsome boy being showed as a kitten: