Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Siberian Cat Scammed: Scammers Stealing Back Stories!

We often have scammers stealing our photos to advertise their non-existant kittens. They use these on websites where we are able to contact the host and have the ads taken down. This morning I was told about a complete fake website based totally on ours with a few names changed here and there. I am sick to my stomach and am so angry about this. It will be impossible to remove without a huge legal battle and even then it is unlikely that we could have it removed as it is owned by a scammer based in South Korea.

Here is the person who is trying to rip you off using our hard work:
Tel : +82.319196171

A very kind Siberian Cat lover has notified me about this. Please see his blog and check this blog regularly if you are going to purchase a Siberian kitten anywhere in the world. Please note, we will never accept any deposit with out speaking with you or meeting you and more often than not, you will get to meet your kitten before you hand over any money. Please be very careful when buying your beloved new family member. Make sure you are not being scammed before you hand over any money.

Please see Dante's post about this on the link below. Thank you Dante for making us aware about this.

Siberian Cat Scammed: Scammers Stealing Back Stories!: "Snowgum Siberians, your ' About Us ' web page has been used as the back story for a siberian scammer! Here's the low down..."