Sunday, 7 March 2010

Delta playing

Some videos of our darling girl Delta playing. It is incredible how quickly she has settled in here :-)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Delta has finally arrived!

After a huge 10 month wait our beautiful golden classic girl Delta Diva Siberia has finally arrived! For those of you who have not had to go through this agonizing waiting game, it is because the UK is rabies free and have strict quarantine rules to keep it that way. To import a pet here, they either have to sit in quarantine for 6 months or they get vaccinated for rabies, then 30 days later they have a titre test to check antibody levels. After a sucessful titre test the pet must then wait a further 6 months before they can enter the UK. So the earliest that a kitten from Europe or the US can arrive in the UK is at 10 months of age as they can't be vaccinated for rabies until 3 months of age. It is a very long wait, especially when you have been following the kitten's progress since just after birth!

We have to say a huge thank you to Izabela Jarosz of Diva Siberia who bred and expertly raised Delta for us. Izabela kept Delta for the 10 months required to get her passport and did all the extra vet visits, paperwork and rushing around in order to ship her to us safely. We can't thank her enough for doing all this for us. It was touch and go in the last few days as to whether she would arrive on time- the crate I bought was deemed just a bit too small by the airline so Izabela had to get express delivery of a bigger one. She found just one company who could get it to her in time but then the delivery van driver had an accident on the way! Luckily nobody was injured, the crate was not damaged and they were able to deliver it later that evening.

So Delta finally arrived at Heathrow last night. We were very stressed but when we finally got her she didn't look the slightest bit bothered by the whole experience! She took it all in her stride! The lady at the Animal Reception Centre thought she was lovely and couldn't believe how calm she was.

Delta is at home with us now and relaxing next to me on our bed as I type this. She is an incredibly friendly, loving and gentle girl even after all the upheaval she has just been through. She was even wonderful when our vet visited her today for her checkup/blood tests. This is a testament to how well Izabela raises and socialises her kittens. Thank you Izabela!

And now for some photos of our gorgeous girl Delta: