Saturday, 12 February 2011

Introducing Ethan

Well you saw the scan about 6 months ago so I thought it was about time to introduce the boy! Ethan Aleksander Winters arrived almost 2 weeks late at 4:45pm on the 16th December 2010. It was a relatively short labour of 7 hrs and he was born naturally at ULCH London during a snow storm. In keeping with our Snowgum Siberian births, he has good size (58cm), heft (8lb 6oz) and was born with a full head of thick hair ;-)

He has been keeping us very busy these past two months but we are loving every moment with him :-)

And now for some pictures...

In the hospital less than 24hrs old:

Out in the snowy weather a few days later:

Smiling (in his cat outfit!) at about 2 weeks of age:

Just chilling at home with Dad:

Out and about in his pram at 7 weeks of age (I can't believe how quickly time is going by and how much he is changing!) :

And here are a couple of videos:

Chatting and smiling at 5 weeks:

On the playmat at 8 weeks: