Thursday, 27 December 2012

Elise Annabelle

Off topic but I just wanted to share with you some pics of my baby girl Elise who is growing up so quick! She is now 11 weeks old - how time flies!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Available kittens Dec 2012

We have had two beautiful litters delivered earlier this month. Astra and Karina both had babies to the very handsome Sebastian (pics of all parents on our website). Astra's kittens are already all reserved. Karina has two babies who will be looking for new homes in February. Here are some pictures.

Karina's litter.

Reserved for Peter- Brown mackerel tabby female :

On hold for Lara in Singapore- Silver mackerel tabby female:

Reserved for Stephanie and will join Alice from Meadow's litter in Melbourne :-) - red silver classic male:

Will stay here for breeding- silver classic torbie female:

Available- brown mackerel torbie female (i.e. has some small red patches through her stripy coat):

Astra's litter:

Reserved for Cathy- Brown mackerel female 1

Reserved for Cathy- Brown mackerel tabby female 2:

Under observation to stay here for breeding, mackerel tabby with high white male :

Reserved for Karolina- Black Silver mackerel tabby male:

Monday, 5 November 2012

Meadow's litter Oct 2012

Some pics of Meadow's and Titan's litter- all kittens are now reserved. Both of their parents are TICA RW Supreme Grand Champions (top title in TICA!) so the kittens have excellent pedigrees. 

"Alice"- a  gorgeous golden mackerel tabby female:


Reserved for Alice-  A beatiful pale brown mackerel tabby female with lovely green eyes. She is a confident character and could be showed.

Here is the whole litter earlier at three weeks of age:
Reserved for Stephanie and family- brown classic boy:

This brown mackerel girl will be going to Melbourne to live with Alice:

This golden mackerel girl is called Alice:

This warm brown classic boy is reserved for Celine in Singapore:

This golden mackerel boy is reserved for Noriko and family:

This dark brown mackerel girl is reserved for Rachel:

This golden mackerel boy is reserved for Susie: