Monday, 25 February 2013

Snowgum Zaviska Best In Show!

We had some great news from one of our kitten owners in Victoria yesterday.  Snowgum Zaviska ( otherwise known as Bear) attended the Pedigree Persian Kitten Club's show in  Boronia, Vic and won Best in Show! Wow! Well done Bear! We are so proud of you!!!

Bear was the first kitten we have sold for showing in Australia so we are thrilled with this fantastic result. Bear is from Penny and Sebastian and was born in August 2012 so he's doing brilliantly to win this award at just 6 months of age considering that many Siberians go through an awkward looking teenage phase around this time.

Of course he couldn't have done it without his wonderful owners Mark and Gayle McPhee. Congratulations Mark and Gayle! And thank you for giving Bear such a wonderful loving home and making the effort to show him. Showing does take a lot of time, energy and commitment so we really do appreciate you showing him off!

Thank you also to judge Carol Hoskins for placing him. We are so pleased you like him as much as we do!

Here he is with judge Carol Hoskins after winning Best in Show!

 And more relaxing at home:

And again!:

And pretending to be a bat :-)

Congratulations Bear and Mark and Gayle! xx