Sunday, 4 October 2009

Supreme Grand Champion Snowgum Titan!

Titan had a fantastic day at the TICA Bengal Cat Club show on Saturday and made us incredibly proud by winning Best Cat in Monika Dany's ring! This now makes him a Supreme Grand Champion!!!! A fantastic achievement for our young man from our very first litter! It was a very nerve wracking win as they kept me in suspense before announcing which of the last two of the 10 finalists was going to be awarded Best Cat! Titan has had a lot of second and third places lately so it's wonderful that he has now achieved first place as an adult. He really did brilliantly as a kitten winning Best Kitten 10 times in just a handful of shows, so it's fantastic to see he's still got it now he's more grown up :-) He doesn't even have much of a coat yet as it's been warm in London so maybe we'll take him out one more time when his winter coat comes in. But for now he's going to enjoy a well deserved rest from the show circuit :-) Well done Mr T! You are a very handsome guy and we're very proud of you!!!

Here are some pics of RW SGC Snowgum Titan at the show. I didn't get any of him actually winning 1st place as I was too overwhelmed to remember to take pictures!