Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Indy settling in

Indy is settling in nicely here so I thought I'd post some pics of her chilling out around the house. She is a real sweetheart who loves to come and wake me up in the morning with a meow and a purr!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Indiana arrives!

After a 10 month wait our new girl Indiana has finally arrived! We combined our holiday with her collection taking a 2.5 week road trip through Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland with the final destination of Venice Italy to collect her. The holiday was fantastic, we saw so many amazing places and stayed in some gorgeous Chateaux through France. There was a lot of driving but the gorgeous colours in the autumn leaves made it a spectacular drive. Apologies to those who emailed while we were away- we had very limited email access on the trip.

It seems the long wait was worth it- Indy is a gorgeous girl and very sweet natured. It was wonderful to meet Indy's breeder Melissa, her parents Darcy and Babylas as well as Melissa's other gorgeous Sibis.

The trip back was surprisingly easy with the PETS passport making the Channel Tunnel crossing very quick and hassle free. We have to say a big thank you to Melissa for organising all of Indy's paperwork and keeping her for us while she waited for her passport!

Here are some pics of our new princess enjoying the hotel in Calais:

Indy's dad Babylas:
Me in Venice where we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather:

Beautiful autumn leaves on the long drive: