Thursday, 28 June 2012

3 weeks

The kittens are all trying to escape the kittening box now! Poor Meadow is a bit unsure about it all!  Kent was the first one to make a sucessful go at it- I'm sure all the others will follow suit soon.









Saturday, 23 June 2012

Kittens at 2 weeks

The babies are all growing well and are starting to wander around the nest now.  Here are some pics taken at 2 weeks.  All kittens have been given place names from the UK since they are our last litter convieved there.  New owners are of course welcome to choose any name they wish for their kitty but naming them here helps us to identify them for you in photos.

This is Angel. The only girl of the litter and not surprisingly the smallest of the litter. She has a lot of competition with all those brothers!  She is by no means a push over though and will scrap with the boys to get the milk! She is a beautiful warm brown mackerel tabby and a very curious kitten who always has a look up when you visit the nest.

This is Baron.  He's a brown mackerel tabby with white chest, socks and a tiny bit of white on one side of his nose!  A very sweet round boy.

This is Bond. He is a brown mackerel tabby boy without white.  It's very difficult to tell the difference between him and his brother Sloane who is also a mac tabby without white! Both will be handsome tigers with nice warm brown colouring.

This is Earl. He is a beautiful brown classic tabby boy with white socks.  Classic is sometimes called blotched as he has beautiful swirls or blotches on his sides rather than stripes. He still has tiger stripes on his legs though. A very striking pattern and a gorgeous boy.

This is Henley.  He didn't want to be photographed!  He's a brown spotted tabby boy and a very chunky guy! He's slightly lighter in colouring than his siblings.

This is Kent.  His pattern is confusing me at the moment but it looks like he is a golden classic tabby boy with white legs, chest and a handsome dash of white up his nose.  His swirls aren't as defined as Earl's but I'm pretty sure he is still classic pattern. He has the cutest pink nose and beautiful golden colouring right to the roots. 

This is Paddington. He's a little round bear! A beautiful brown mackerel tabby boy with white socks and chest.  Such a sweetie!

This is Sloane, another gorgeous brown mackerel tabby boy.  One of his eyes was still partially closed at time of taking this pic but it is open now and he looks a lot less silly!  He's big handsome guy.

This is how poor Meadow spends most of her time at the moment! Eight certainly is a lot of mouths to feed but she is doing a brilliant job. She's really a fantastic mum.  You can see the mix of patterns in these pics.  The boy at the front is Earl with his classic swirls. Henley's spots really stand out in the bottom pic. 

Monday, 18 June 2012


My new cable for the camera has arrived so here are the photos I took earlier when Meadow's kittens were just a few days old.  They are continuing to do well and they all have their eyes partially open now so are looking super cute. I'll get some more pics when they are a bit older, their eyes are fully opened and they are more accustomed to the light.

It looks like we do in fact have seven boys and one girl! There are two brown mackerel tabby boys, one brown spotted tabby boy, two brown mackerel tabby boys with white feet, one brown classic tabby boy with white feet, one brown (possibly gold) classic tabby boy with white legs, chest and muzzle and a white blaze on his forehead, and one brown mackerel tabby girl.  Meadow is continuing to be an excellent mum :-)