Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Welcome Astra!

We have a new edition just in time for Xmas! Astra has just joined us from Moscow where she has been awaiting her PETS passport for many months. She is settling in well and is a sweet and loving girl.

All 4 of Astra's grandparents are foundation certified Siberians. She will provide a total outcross bloodline for us here at Snowgum.

Many thanks to her breeder Zhanna for entrusting us with this lovely girl!

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recovering well

I had a ligament reconstruction and clean out of my ankle a week and a half ago and have been lying on the sofa recovering since. I can definitely say that recovery has been made more enjoyable by having our new addition "Musrafy Trotskiy" around! He is settling in well and is an absolute joy. He's such a happy, friendly, cheeky chap!

He had his full physical, microchip and rabies vax yesterday in preparation for our move to Australia next year. The rules have changed recently so we now need to do rabies vax plus 6 month wait before they can come home with us in Sydney (one month of that is spent in a quarantine facility in Sydney) Such a pain :-( So all of our cats have had their jabs now and most have had their rabies blood tests.

I must say a huge thank you to Nanna for travelling all the way from Australia to look after my baby boy Ethan while I am on crutches! What would we do without family?

Here are some pics of Trotskiy recovering from his vax with me. Isn't he a sweetie!

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Monday, 31 October 2011


We are very pleased to be able to announce an unexpected edition to Snowgum! Please join us in welcoming Trotskiy, a gorgeous golden shaded tabby Siberian who we hope to show from early next year. He has fantastic boning, beautiful green eyes, gorgeous lynx tips and a wonderful sweet temperament. A big thank you to his breeder for letting this handsome guy join us.

Here are some pics taken at 8 weeks:

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Another great show

Meadow had yet another great show at Newbury last weekend. She came away with another 9 finals:
3 Best Cats, 3 2nds and 3 3rds! Well done Meadow!

Snowgum Spirit & Ninja were there with their human slaves Darren and Erica and they too did us proud! Spirit came away with his Quadruple Grand Champion Alter title and Ninja with a BoB. Wow! Well done handsome guys!

A big congrats to the other Sibis there too- esp to Akiro for his SGCA title and Yana for her many Best Kitten wins!

Meadow did brilliantly at the previous show too. We only went one day and she came away with 7 finals including 2 Best Cats and 2 2nds!

Here is Meadow with one of her Best Cat wins on Saturday:

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Meadow Supremes at Swanley!

Meadow had another brilliant weekend at the TICA show in Swanley last weekend. She started the show with a Best Cat from Pascal on Saturday morning and then continued to her success right till close on Sunday evening. She came away with 6 Best Cats! Plus 6 further finals, most in the top 5!

So we are very pleased to announce that our Meadow is now a TICA Supreme Grand Champion!!! There are only a small number of female Siberians to ever achieve this title (she is just the 3rd in the UK!) and Meadow would have to be one of the youngest to do it at just 12 months of age! Wow! Well done Meadow, we are so proud of you!!!!

A big congrats to Darren and Erica on Spirit's continuing success on the weekend too!

Pascal deciding between Meadow and a very nice Maine Coon for Best Cat:

And Meadow wins it!
Ethan enjoying the show:

in his very cute cat socks!!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Show success at Bracknell!

We attended a TICA show at Bracknell on the weekend with our new star Meadow (Tavolga Sibaris). She did brilliantly again and was Best of Breed in 10 out of the 12 rings despite the very tough competition. It was a really high cat count of 60 but she still managed to end up with 7 finals over the course of the weekend, one of which was Best Cat! The others were three 2nds, a 3rd, 5th and 9th! By the end of the day on Saturday she was already Triple Grand Champion! This was just her second show so really a brilliant result for such a yound female Sibi.

On the Sunday Meadow and I hitched a ride with Darren and Erica who are owned by 3 of our lovely Snowgum Siberians and 1 gorgeous Alexandrite Siberian. Their boys Snowgum Spirit and Snowgum Ninja did us proud and Spirit ended up with three finals - 6th AB, 9th AB and a Best Alter!!! The cat cout was really high (43) so this really is a great achievement! Well done Spirit and a huge congrats to Darren and Erica!

I have to say a huge thank you to Darren for driving us on the Sunday and to my darling husband David and gorgeous baby boy Ethan for coming with us on Saturday and being so patient! Without you three boys all of this success would not have been possible.

Here is Spirit after winning Best Alter with judge Phillipa Holmes! Thank you Phillipa!

And Meadow getting Best Cat also with Phillipa:

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

DGC Tavolga Sibaris of Snowgum (Meadow)

Tavolga finally arrived in the UK last week and has already been to a show here and wowed all the judges! We took her to the TICA show at Altringham and despite the tough competition she was best of breed in every ring both days and took 9 out of the 10 possible finals! In two finals she was Best Cat and she was 2nd best in another two! It was really an amazing result for such a young female Siberian so we are incredibly proud of her. She made enough points and more than enough finals to come away from the weekend as a Double Grand Champion! Wow! We certainly weren't expecting that from her first show as an adult!

It is lovely to finally have her at home with us and she is settling in really well. She is a very sweet girl and very gentle. She loves playing fetch and likes waking me up at 4 am by dropping the ball on me asking to play! I think she must still be jetlagged and not know the time ;-)

"Tavolga" is the name of a wild flower which is called "Meadow Sweet" in English. We have decided to call her Meadow since she doesn't respond to "Tavolga" when I call her- I guess my Australian accent confuses her!

Here are some pics from the show on the weekend and also of her settling in at home. I hope you like her as much as we do :-)

Relaxing at the show:

She was Best Cat in her first ring!!

Me presenting her in Pascal's ring where she was Best Cat both days!

All her winnings from the weekend!

The very impressive competition- a Maine Coon who traveled all the way from Belguim for the weekend just for the show!

Meadow being judged by Francesca:

Her markings are very gold on her back and sides:


Monday, 18 July 2011

Indiana's International Colour Award

We just received a nice surprise in the post for our beautiful silver with white girl CH Indiana. She is TICA's "Second Best Black Silver Classic Tabby /White Siberian of the Year" for 2011! This was totally unexpected as we have only showed her a couple of times! Well done Indiana, you certainly are a beautiful girl!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tavolga's pro pictures

Here are the professional photographs taken of Tavolga at the show in Moscow!