Saturday, 12 February 2011

Introducing Ethan

Well you saw the scan about 6 months ago so I thought it was about time to introduce the boy! Ethan Aleksander Winters arrived almost 2 weeks late at 4:45pm on the 16th December 2010. It was a relatively short labour of 7 hrs and he was born naturally at ULCH London during a snow storm. In keeping with our Snowgum Siberian births, he has good size (58cm), heft (8lb 6oz) and was born with a full head of thick hair ;-)

He has been keeping us very busy these past two months but we are loving every moment with him :-)

And now for some pictures...

In the hospital less than 24hrs old:

Out in the snowy weather a few days later:

Smiling (in his cat outfit!) at about 2 weeks of age:

Just chilling at home with Dad:

Out and about in his pram at 7 weeks of age (I can't believe how quickly time is going by and how much he is changing!) :

And here are a couple of videos:

Chatting and smiling at 5 weeks:

On the playmat at 8 weeks:


  1. oh hes gorgoeus...congrats again to you both. He sure looks big, very cute!

  2. How gorgeous is he, ! Look at that hair! - my son had lots too when he was born.

    Beautiful baby


  3. well, a supreme grand champion if ever I saw...congratulations!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS again !!! He looks sooooooooooooooo adorable...I love the photo of him with his dad !!
    Best wishes to the whole family !

  5. A very gorgeous little baby, love that first picture, he perfect Melanie, congrats to you both again, thanks for sharing the photos, you both must be very proud x

  6. Lovely to see Ethan - he is gorgeous! I think he looks like his Daddy :))

    Enjoy him - he's precious xx

  7. Thanks everyone for you lovely comments! We are really enjoying having him here- in those two weeks he was overdue it seemed like he was never going to arrive!

    And yes, he definitely looks like his daddy! Even has the same hairdo already!

    Xx Melanie

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!He is so lovely