Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Siberian Cat Scammed: Scammers Stealing Back Stories!

We often have scammers stealing our photos to advertise their non-existant kittens. They use these on websites where we are able to contact the host and have the ads taken down. This morning I was told about a complete fake website based totally on ours with a few names changed here and there. I am sick to my stomach and am so angry about this. It will be impossible to remove without a huge legal battle and even then it is unlikely that we could have it removed as it is owned by a scammer based in South Korea.

Here is the person who is trying to rip you off using our hard work:
Tel : +82.319196171

A very kind Siberian Cat lover has notified me about this. Please see his blog and check this blog regularly if you are going to purchase a Siberian kitten anywhere in the world. Please note, we will never accept any deposit with out speaking with you or meeting you and more often than not, you will get to meet your kitten before you hand over any money. Please be very careful when buying your beloved new family member. Make sure you are not being scammed before you hand over any money.

Please see Dante's post about this on the link below. Thank you Dante for making us aware about this.

Siberian Cat Scammed: Scammers Stealing Back Stories!: "Snowgum Siberians, your ' About Us ' web page has been used as the back story for a siberian scammer! Here's the low down..."


  1. Melanie - I'm disgusted to read this - what lengths will these scammers go to? Its an absolute disgrace - and we've all seen the photos from breeders websites being used, but this is now going a huge step further. These kind of people take all of the pleasure from our hobby, and also may take unsuspecting buyers money from them - its absolutely awful - and I really hope that something can be done - I've seen a few things recently - with 'so called' breeders - and it sickens me - truly - I can only imagine how angry and hurt you must be right now. We're all here and will do anything we can to help - just ask!

    Lesley x

  2. This is rife in America at the moment but didn't realise your site had been attacked too because that's what it is an attack.
    I don't know what we can do to protect our copyright as legal costs are way above the limits of most cat breeders budgets.
    I think you have done the BEST thing by notifying us of the problem and naming and shaming the scammer.
    Perhaps if we all post your post the news will be spread further.
    Sorry to hear you've had this experience.
    Jackie x

  3. HI Mel

    I emailed you about this a few days ago - please see your emails as there is other info on it you need to be aware of.
    Denise x

  4. Very upsetting to see this happening and not nice to see they are using Calix photo to scam people and pinching all your hardwork on putting together your website.
    It is so annoying that nothing seems to be being done to protect geniune websites.
    I hope you can get this sorted Melanie but it is very sad that you are put in this situation.
    Jo x

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for all your support. It is very upsetting that my hard work has been stolen and is being used to rip people off. I have spent a lot of time over the past few years developing my site and taking photos of my beautiful Sibis and it is really infuriating that someone would disregard this and use it for their own quick gain.

    I am thinking of putting together a website to help purchasers identify genuine breeders and also to expose scammers like this guy. Hopefully we can use it to all band together and stop innocent people getting ripped off when trying to adopt a kitten. I'd welcome any ideas that anyone has on how best to do this.