Tuesday, 2 August 2011

DGC Tavolga Sibaris of Snowgum (Meadow)

Tavolga finally arrived in the UK last week and has already been to a show here and wowed all the judges! We took her to the TICA show at Altringham and despite the tough competition she was best of breed in every ring both days and took 9 out of the 10 possible finals! In two finals she was Best Cat and she was 2nd best in another two! It was really an amazing result for such a young female Siberian so we are incredibly proud of her. She made enough points and more than enough finals to come away from the weekend as a Double Grand Champion! Wow! We certainly weren't expecting that from her first show as an adult!

It is lovely to finally have her at home with us and she is settling in really well. She is a very sweet girl and very gentle. She loves playing fetch and likes waking me up at 4 am by dropping the ball on me asking to play! I think she must still be jetlagged and not know the time ;-)

"Tavolga" is the name of a wild flower which is called "Meadow Sweet" in English. We have decided to call her Meadow since she doesn't respond to "Tavolga" when I call her- I guess my Australian accent confuses her!

Here are some pics from the show on the weekend and also of her settling in at home. I hope you like her as much as we do :-)

Relaxing at the show:

She was Best Cat in her first ring!!

Me presenting her in Pascal's ring where she was Best Cat both days!

All her winnings from the weekend!

The very impressive competition- a Maine Coon who traveled all the way from Belguim for the weekend just for the show!

Meadow being judged by Francesca:

Her markings are very gold on her back and sides:



  1. wow Melanie what a wonderful result, very pleased for you and im glad you finally got her home after not too much of a wait, congrats to the beautiful girl and you :) x

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Tav, what a stunning young lady she is Melanie. So pleased you got her here in time to take her.
    You must be bursting with pride. I'm so happy for you and of course Tav, pure class !!!
    Jackie x

  3. Thanks Jackie! Yes we're really proud of her and didn't expect such a great result! We were amazed that every single judge there liked her so much! Incredible for such a young girl. Glad you like her too! She is a real sweetheart :-)

  4. Congratulations again Melanie and Meadow!! Love her name. Fabulous show - and it was a pleasure to be there and meet her and be beaten by her! She was very laid back, and it was amazing to think she'd only just arrived! Glad that she is settling nicely, and I'm sure she'll get used to your Australian accent.............in a couple of years!! :0))

    Hugs to Ethan xoxox

  5. Thanks Lesley. It was lovely catching up and meeting your Poppy. She is a gorgeous girl and it was great to see both girls doing so well- girl power!!! Xx

  6. Congrats Melanie, well done sounds like a great weekend (still not missing those early starts though!) xx

  7. She is absolutely stunning Melanie, and I am not surprised at all at her success!
    I can't wait to see her babies :-)
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Have an amazing time with her xx

  8. Congratulation Melanie, she is gorgeous - glad you have her safe home with you now too, love her new name :) xx

  9. Thanks Denise! Yes it is so lovely to finally have her here! Xx

  10. Dear Aunt Meadow! Congratulations! We, your four new nephews and four new nieces , are so proud of You :)