Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recovering well

I had a ligament reconstruction and clean out of my ankle a week and a half ago and have been lying on the sofa recovering since. I can definitely say that recovery has been made more enjoyable by having our new addition "Musrafy Trotskiy" around! He is settling in well and is an absolute joy. He's such a happy, friendly, cheeky chap!

He had his full physical, microchip and rabies vax yesterday in preparation for our move to Australia next year. The rules have changed recently so we now need to do rabies vax plus 6 month wait before they can come home with us in Sydney (one month of that is spent in a quarantine facility in Sydney) Such a pain :-( So all of our cats have had their jabs now and most have had their rabies blood tests.

I must say a huge thank you to Nanna for travelling all the way from Australia to look after my baby boy Ethan while I am on crutches! What would we do without family?

Here are some pics of Trotskiy recovering from his vax with me. Isn't he a sweetie!

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  1. aww bless him looking after you :) What a lovely nanna you have too x good luck with your move next year x

  2. Thanks Denise! So much paperwork involved with the move and so much to do! I keep thinking if I do one thing each day then I'll get through it all soon but the list keeps growing! We always planned to stay for 2 year and we've been here 6 now! Life has gotten a lot more complicated in those extra 4 years with all the cats and baby Ethan so it is going to be one BIG scary move!!!
    Hope you're well xx m

  3. Lovely to see Trotskiy is keeping you company and 'chilling'. Hope your recovery is going well - and that you are as stress free as possible. Moving is never easy - but when its to the other side of the world - its a logistical nightmare. 2 years turn to 6 Melanie - but you've had a lovely time here - but how wonderful to be 'going home' and for Ethan to have the wonderful opportunities he will surely have out there in Australia. Plus - we can all come visit..................LOLOL

  4. Yes its amazing how many cats u can 'collect' lol very exciting times ahead you going to Sydney? May look u up if I ever visit my cousin, she is in Manley? X

  5. He's gorgeous Melanie,
    Glad to hear you're both recovering.
    A nightmare with the new DEFRA rules affecting pet exports to Australia. I was lucky and managed to get my kitten off to Australia today. All your careful planning and then they change the rules. What a shock for you.
    Hope all goes well when the time comes.
    Take care :)