Monday, 18 June 2012


My new cable for the camera has arrived so here are the photos I took earlier when Meadow's kittens were just a few days old.  They are continuing to do well and they all have their eyes partially open now so are looking super cute. I'll get some more pics when they are a bit older, their eyes are fully opened and they are more accustomed to the light.

It looks like we do in fact have seven boys and one girl! There are two brown mackerel tabby boys, one brown spotted tabby boy, two brown mackerel tabby boys with white feet, one brown classic tabby boy with white feet, one brown (possibly gold) classic tabby boy with white legs, chest and muzzle and a white blaze on his forehead, and one brown mackerel tabby girl.  Meadow is continuing to be an excellent mum :-)

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  1. Congratulations Melanie and Meadow, they are going to be SO gorgeous! I hope everything is well in Australia, England misses you!