Sunday, 13 January 2013

Astra and Karina's kittens

Astra and Karina both recently had litters just a week apart. They have decided to raise their kittens together to share the mothering effort, something we have never had before. So cute seeing them care for each other and feed their babies interchangably!

Karina's babies are now 5 weeks and Astra's 6 weeks. All are reserved with the exception of two who may stay here for breeding (they have homes lined up should we decide not to keep them). Here are some pics:

Mum Astra:

And her bubs. Spotted boy with white (might stay):

Silver mac boy:

Brown spotted girl 1:

with her sister:

Brown spotted girl 2:

Mum Karina:

Silver classic torbie (might stay):

Silver mac girl going to Singapore:

Red silver classic boy going to live with Meadow's golden girl Alice in Melbourne :-)

Brown mackerel torbie girl:

Brown mackerel girl:


  1. Dear Melanie,
    Greetings from Rossity!
    Karina and her kittens absolutely gorgeous ! Kamysh send many kisses for sweet sister and her babies:)
    Warm hugs,Elena