Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Introducing Tundra...

No we haven't adopted another cat, Tundra is Snowgum Titan's stage name in his issue of "The Cat Collection" Magazine! You may remember that Titan did a photoshoot in November last year, well the magazine is now out and to my surprise, the whole issue is filled with photos of our boy! They have given him the name "Tundra the Siberian" (not a bad name actually, maybe I'll use that for one of his future kittens ;-) and changed his age to 3 years instead of the 1.5 years he was at the time of the shoot! But we are thrilled with the result. The best bit is the furry toy that they have created to look like him! It even has the Siberian signature furry ear brushes sticking out of its ears! So cute!

If you would like your very own Tundra soft toy, or would just like to see our handsome boy's pics in the magazine you can order his issue (47) from the publisher's website: Be sure to select your country from the home page to get the right currency. Enjoy!


  1. Oh how wonderful - and what a great name too! Well done Titan - I'm sure you must be thrilled with your boy - its lovely to see the photo-shoot result!!

    Lesley x

  2. wow look at him, how cool!!!
    will have to order myself a copy of this as a keep sake, lovely to see my babies daddy out there promoting the breed to the public, such an extremely handsome boy! any openings for tundra's babies :-) XX

  3. Congratulations Melanie, fame well deserved for both Titan and yourself. Quite an achievement. Thanks also for your comment on Borenka. Very kind of you. Hope everything else is going well for you too. Jackie x