Thursday, 26 July 2012

Busy week

We've had a very busy week so we haven't managed to get any more individual pictures but we have some snaps taken throughout the week of the kittens just hanging out and getting up to all sorts of mischief!

Our last cat to arrive Astra, came out of quarantine on Sunday so we now have a full house and are loving finally having everyone with us. Astra is doing well and settling in quickly- she is such a sweet, loving girl.  We have to say a HUGE thank you to Darren, Erica and The Pack for taking such great care of Astra while she waited until she was allowed to travel to Australia (Aust govt laws don't permit cats to travel directly from Russia to Australia)!  Thank you guys! You are the best! xx

Arent they cute! (That's Meadow keeping a close watch from down the stairs!)

A failed attempt at a full group shot!!

Earl chilling:

Paddington, Henley and Sloane getting sleepy after playing on the stairs:

It's a tiring life as a little kitten!

Very tiring!

Ethan helping to settle Astra into her new home with a story on the sofa!

Ethan's toys are lots of fun!

Time for a snooze!


  1. We are counting the sleeps! You are so lucky to experience all of them. And Astra looks so gorgeous

  2. real fluff monsters...very cute

  3. Kittens are looking lovely Mel, so cute. Lovely to see Ethan helping out and Astra arrived safely. Kisses and hugs to Ethan and kits xx