Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Meadow's Regional and International awards!

While we are awaiting the birth of our second non-fur child, I thought I should post some long overdue news of Meadow's show success for the last TICA show season.  Meadow did amazingly well and became a Supreme Grand Champion in just 3 shows!  There are few female Siberians with this title so it is a huge achievement and we were incredibly proud of her.  But her show sucess didn't stop there!  She went on to become the Western Europe Region's Best Siberian Cat, Western Europe's 4th Best Cat, the Best Brown (Black) Spotted Siberian Internationally and overall the Second Best Siberian Internationally in TICA!  Wow! Go Meadow! And all without travelling outside of the UK (we were unable to show her outside of the UK as she needed to be resident there for the full 6 months prior to travelling to Australia). We are hugely proud of her!

Here are the pics of her taken by Helmi Flick, that were displayed at the Regional Awards ceremony a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately we couldn't be there to accept her awards but we were cheering her on from Down Under anyway!

Meadow's next litter is planned to be to our home bred Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Snowgum Titan.  We are excited to see what the pairing will bring us as it is not often you get the chance to mate two RW Supreme Grand Champions.   If you would like to be considered for a kitten from this litter, please get in touch via our website. We would love for one to go to a TICA show home if there is a show quality kitten in the litter. We miss showing in TICA and would love for our kittens to continue being showed there.

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Tavolga Sibaris of Snowgum (pet name Meadow). Photos by Helmi Flick:


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  1. Congrats and Well Done, we cheered for her for you at the presentation but we missed you being there xx