Friday, 19 October 2012

Welcome Snowgum Elise!

Two weeks ago we had a very special new arrival here at Snowgum!  Our second baby, Elise Annabelle, was born on the 5th October at 12:30 pm, after just 1 hour of labour.  She weighed in at a good size of 8lbs 11oz and measured 53cm long.

We are all doing really well and Ethan is getting used to the idea of being a big brother- taking her toys and books to look at and blowing her kisses :-)  She is sleeping and eating well and is generally a very contented, happy baby.  We couldn't be happier!

Here are a few pics of her first couple of weeks.

 Just born:

A very proud dad and big brother:

 Who said the labour ward couldn't be fun?!

Wide awake:

She's a good sleeper!

Such cute little hospital gowns they dress them in!

 Going home! Beautiful blanket and cardigan hand knitted by Alexandrite Siberians! Thanks Jo! xx

Settling in at home:

A tired but happy mum :-)

Such a sweetie she is!


  1. Welcome and Congrats on the birth of Baby Elise, she is beautiful. You all look really happy and great :) Ethan has grown! Glad you like the blanket, Snowgum Elise looks so cute xx

  2. She is lovely Melanie - and she's like Daddy - (no I don't mean he is lovely)that part comes from Mum!

    Congratulations - xx