Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Earl's growing up!

Earl is now 11 months old and has really started to fill out lately.  He's beginning to look like an adult and we think a very handsome one! Earl is from our first Aussie-born litter. His mum is our Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Tavolga Sibaris (Meadow) and his dad is Innokentii- a very handsome foundation Siberian boy from the St Petersburg Region owned by Maria Bunina in the UK. Meadow was mated to Innokentii while we lived in London and we are proud to have the handsome Earl here as a result to expand our gene pool. Thanks again Maria for this special mating, we hope you like how he is maturing.
It's starting to cool down here now so we are looking forward to seeing him in his full winter coat soon.


  1. Oh Wow!!! Earl is growing into a very handsome chap!! He looks great Melanie xx

  2. Thanks Jo! We are really happy with him. Such a handsome guy with such a unique pedigree :-)

  3. He looks amazing Melanie! Tasman is so fluffy at the moment... Crazy to think they will get more so