Friday, 26 July 2013

Playing catch up

We've been so busy here with our little family that I haven't had much time lately for emailing and blogging.  We have had plenty going on so here is a quick update.

1. Not long ago we had the beautiful DGC Vazhena Sladkoe Pyatnyshko arrive. Vazhena, or Zhena at home, comes to us all the way from Tomsk Siberia! We have to say a huge thank you to her breeder Irina Parshina for allowing us to have this gorgeous girl! She has settled in beautifully and has the warmest, most beautiful nature a cat could have. She is a total delight! Thank you Irina! We also have to thank our friends Darren and Erica for looking after her and showing her wonderfully in the UK while she awaited her paperwork to travel to Australia. Thank you guys! As a result, Zhena has arrived in Australia with the TICA title Double Grand Champion! Not bad considering she was only showed a few times and was competing against a lot of beautiful Siberian males to get the title. Well done beautiful Zhena!

Here are a few pics of Zhena (Please excuse the lighting on all the pics in this post. I stuffed it up and the cats eyes aren't lit up properly and their white is over exposed! Oops! I need more sleep!)

2.0 Not only did Zhena arrive in Aus but so did Darren and Erica!  WELCOME guys! We hope you will love it here and are so pleased to have you close by again! xx We met Darren and Erica when we sold them a kitten from our very first litter over 5 years ago in London! They have been Siberian addicts and great friends of ours ever since :-)

3. We went to a CFA show here in Sydney recently with the help of my Mum and Darren and Erica! It is a huge production to go to a show now that we have a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old who are into everything! So we are very pleased to say that the effort was not wasted and our cats did brilliantly! Meadow went along for fun and won Best in Show in 3 of the 6 rings, plus a reserve and a 3rd!  Musrafy Trotskiy also turned some heads winning 2x Reserve in Show plus 2x 3rd!  Earl also got some great comments but big brother Trotskiy beat him 5 of the 6 rings. Better luck next time Earl. Well done Meadow and Trots and Earl! You make us very proud!

Here is Trotskiy:

And Earl who is over 6.5kg at 12 months old :-)

3. Snowgum Zaviska owned by Mark and Gayle McPhee in Victoria did brilliantly in the CCCofA National Show in Vic recently. There were huge cat counts and Beary was awarded 2x Reserve in Show and a 4th!  Well done Bear and Mark and Gayle! You are a gorgeous boy Beary and make us very proud xx

Here is Beary:

4. Snowgum Tattyanna went to her first show in Perth recently with owners Janis and Phil Thompson. She did us proud winning 3rd. Well done Tattyanna! xx

5. We have litters due soon and some later this year. If you have been in touch and I have not replied, I do apologize, I think I have had every possible illness this winter- the joys of having young children! Feel free to email or call again if you are still interested in a kitten.

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  1. Congrats Melanie!! And everyone looks Awesome!! Xhena looks beautiful and the boys WOW! They have grown into handsome chaps! Well done for show successes too xxx